Putting the Power of Choice, Guided, and Shared
Reading to Work in Your Classroom or School

Slideshow of Beautiful Classrooms

Check out these beautiful reading classrooms at KIPP Infinity Middle School, in Harlem New York!

Chapter 6

Do you want a fabulous classroom library? Don’t have the resources to make it a reality?  Consider creating a grant on Donors Choose.  Below is a sample grant template you can use.  Want recommendations?  E-mail me and I’m happy to share.

Download: Classroom Library Grant Template (PDF)

The first few weeks of class look different than the rest of the school year because we have a lot of routines to teach.  Here I share an entire hapter dedicated to the first weeks of class, sample classroom layouts, and a podcast about the first few weeks.

Download: Seating Arrangements (PDF)

Download: An Extra Chapter (PDF )

Download: An Extra Chapter (Podcast, MP3)

Chapter 7

Do some of your kids struggle to keep a neat binder?  Is their disorganization impacting their success?  Consider holding students accountable to an organized binder.  During your weekly assessment, ask students to leave their binder on their desk.  Quickly go through it and grade it using the attached rubric.  Feel free to tweak it to make it your own. Feel free to incorporate this routine in your class if kids need that extra bit of accountability.  I also share a slideshow you can use to introduce binder expectations to your students.

Download: Binder Expectations (PDF)

Download: Binder Rubric Quiz (PDF)

Teach new routines in the same way that you teach reading strategies.  I’ve included a couple lessons as examples.

Download: Assigned Reading routine (PDF)

Download: i-Think Journal (PDF)

Here are a few more classroom routines in addition to routines that can be found in Reading Without Limits.

Download: Extra Routines (PDF )

Videos that show these resources in action:

Watch Now on Vimeo (password: "readingwithoutlimits"): Reading Without Limits

Chapter 8

Want to help your students curtail a fixed mindset?  Try these one-liners when calling home.

Download: Calling Home scripts (PDF)

Download: Student Self Reflection Checklist (PDF)

Download: Teacher Self Reflection Checklist (PDF)

Videos that show these resources in action:

Watch Now on Vimeo (password: "readingwithoutlimits"): Reading Without Limits