Launching Lifelong Readers

Chapter 1

Running Records

Follow along with Tomas* in this podcast. Tomas is a 13-year-old fifth grader reading aloud a second grade level text. Before coming to KIPP Infinity, Tomas was retained several times in elementary school. He is an English Language Learner and receives special education services. One year after this recording, Tomas was the sixth grade read-a-thon winner! As you listen to the running record, consider whether or not you would keep Tomas at this level as his comfort level, or move him on to the next level. I hope that this podcast demonstrates that we should not match students to their age-level with texts.
*Student’s name was changed.
Download: Running Record podcast
Download: Sample Running Record Level Q
Download: Sample Running Record Level T

Videos that show these resources in action:

Watch now on Vimeo (password: "readingwithoutlimits"): Reading Without Limits

Fry Graph for Estimating Readability

The Fry Graph Readability Formula was developed by Edward Fry in the 1960s. It determines text readability from primary through high school.

Download: Fry Graph for Estimating Readability (PDF)

Setting up a Leveled Reading Library

There are many things to consider when setting up your classroom library. Here are some suggestions that will make set-up organized and kid-friendly.
Download: Setting up a Reading Library (PDF)